Your Worst Tree is Our Specialty

What are the Reasons for a Tree Removal?

These jobs are our lifeblood.

Because of the high skill level of our arborists, we are able to do the worst jobs in less time than our competitors.

Branches can be roped down and pieces coming off of the tree remain under our control at all times. We use approved rigging techniques to protect your property. All branches and debris are chipped and then recycled.

Deciding to cut down a tree can be a difficult one and is at the very least an irreversible one. Trees add value to the enjoyment of our homes and neighbourhoods. However, they can also cause damage to our homes and infrastructure and maintaining a tree over time also requires additional funds in our home maintenance budget, so all those additional benefits come at a price. Because all of those negative and positive factors need to be weighed it is helpful to use a process to make your tree removal decision.

The process we recommend is described below:

Consider Your Reasons for a Tree Removal and Rank Them

For example, if you have a tree next to your home and you have safety concerns for your home and your children at play, but you love the look of the tree and the shade it provides. You should rank those factors by importance: 1. Safety 2. Shade 3. Looks. You might even get more specific about what you like about the look of the tree or what your exact safety concerns are. If your property is a rental property you might have completely different goals such as reducing maintenance and potential liability. If you simply have a tree you don’t like, it is important to think about why you dislike the tree.

Get a Quote from your Agility Trees Arborist about Your options

Be clear with the arborist about your goals and ask the arborist in order to achieve these goals what your options are. Under your particular circumstances, you may have the option to prune the tree, treat it, fertilize it, or remove it. It just depends on your specific circumstances.

There are also many cases where customers call us about pruning a tree and are not even considering removal and we have to give them the unfortunate news that in order to achieve their goals their tree must come out. If the customer’s goal is to eliminate branches overhanging the house, reduce the height of the tree, or stop a tree from uplifting concrete there are many cases where the only true answer to those problems is removal.

Why we recommend the removal of a tree is often difficult for customers to understand. We don’t necessarily like to cut down healthy trees, but trees are renewable and they can be replanted and most cases it is better to remove a tree and start over with the right tree in the right location where it will grow and prosper over the long run then to provide a Band-Aid solution that only further advances an unsustainable situation. In addition, is most cases delaying the inevitable increases the cost of the removal. There are of course exceptions such as very old very significant trees where a lot is lost in their removal and so monitoring them and easing them into the grave becomes preferable.

It’s Decision Time

It is my experience that once customers go through this process they can feel good about the decision they are making. I think this is because they are clear on the fact that what they are doing is for the best and that although there is a loss in the short run, in the long run, they are doing what is best of them, the tree, the property, and the community. Customers can also be comforted by the fact that every part of the tree in reused. The wood is either milled into lumber or used as firewood and the chips are used as mulch to fight invasive plants and rebuild native habitats.

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Risks are not always easy to identify, so familiarity and expertise almost always trump well-intentioned do-it-yourself ambition. If you have a tree you need to be removed from your property send an enquiry via this website or phone 02 4058 3149

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