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Stump Grinding Services in Newcastle, the Hunter Valley and Lake Macquarie

At Agility Trees, we are proudly offering stump grinding services in the Newcastle area. For those that do not know, stump grinding is the most effective way to remove unwanted tree stumps and major surface roots. If you have recently had a tree removed, or have unsightly stumps in your yard, stump grinding is right for you. Read more about stump grinding in our FAQs below.

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When is Stump Grinding Necessary

Once a tree is removed, there will be a stump left behind. At Agility Trees, we can bring in another piece of machinery to grind the stump left behind. Usually, this is up to 200-300 millimetres below ground level. We will then level out where the stump had been to avoid any holes. You will be able to replant or grow new grass in that area where the unsightly stump once was.

Most often stump grinding services are required by people who have old stumps, visible roots, or a recent tree removal in their yards. Our qualified staff will evaluate the area for stump grinding. As long as there will be no structural damage to any roots or trees, we are proud to offer the stump grinding service to you!

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How much does stump grinding cost and how is it quoted?

At Agility Trees, we quote stump grinding very similarly to our tree removal services. Our professional staff will evaluate the accessibility, size of removal, and what type of machinery is required. Depending on the size of the stump, will determine the type of machine needed. We offer 4 different sizes of stump grinding machinery and the cost differs for each. It also depends on the availability of machinery. For example, if there is a large stump to be grinded, and we are only able to access a small machine - the cost may be greater. For more information on stump grinding and price quotes, please contact one of our knowledgeable staff at Agility Trees.

What type of equipment is used for stump grinding?

At agility trees we use machinery called stump grinders. We offer different types and sizes of these machines. These can range from 30 horsepower to 45 horsepower. Our professionals will determine what type of machinery is required based on the size of the stump to be grinded, and the availability of our stump grinders.

What happens to the mulch after grinding?

The mulch that is left over after stump grinding is perfect to use in your garden or flower beds. Some people like to repurpose the mulch in their yards, while others may like to have the mulch taken away. At Agility Trees, we advise our clients if there will be a large amount of mulch left over from the stump grinding process. For an additional cost, we can remove the mulch from your yard should you wish not to repurpose it.

What happens if I don't remove a stump?

There is a hazard imposed by not removing stumps. While it poses a physical hazard or tripping hazard- it is also risky not to remove a stump for other reasons. Pathogens, and fungus can feed on old stumps. In addition these pathogens or fungi could affect other trees in the area.

Do you fill in the hole where my stump used to be?

Yes! At Agility Trees, we take pride in our work. We do not leave a gaping hole in your yard. We will fill the hole where the stump used to be, and take it to ground level for your convenience and safety.

Do I need to be home during the stump grinding job?

While we do not recommend that you need to leave your home, stump grinding is a messy process. Often times there is debris flying everywhere. For this reason we advise that it is not safe to stand and watch, even from indoors. If we accidentally hit a rock, it could go flying and cause injuries. Stump grinding is a risky and dangerous procedure.

Will I to have to pay extra for stump grinding if I have a tree removed?

Stump grinding is an additional cost to a tree removal procedure. If you wish to have your stump grinded following a tree removal, our professionals at Agility Trees will quote you the price of both the tree removal and stump grinding services. We do require the use of the stump grinder, and need to bring it along for stump grinding. For this reason, stump grinding can be part of an entire job or a separate job, depending on the initial quote.

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