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Wildlife Boxes Supply and Installation Provided by Arborists in Newcastle, the Hunter Valley and Lake Macquarie

In Australia, trees provide shelter for many birds, owls, and other small creatures. Mature trees tend to be home to many hollows and nooks, but these environments can be lost over time due to a variety of reasons. A nest box is a man-made enclosure that can be installed to provide a place for animals to nest in. In most cases, nest boxes are homes for birds. Nest boxes can also be referred to as bird boxes or birdhouses. Nesting boxes can also be intended for small wildlife, such as possums. Are you curious about installing a nest box or wildlife box on your property? At Agility Trees, we offer wildlife box supply and installation as part of our services. We can install both nest boxes and wildlife boxes. If this is a service you may be interested in, read below for more information.

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What is a Wildlife Box used for?

Nesting boxes are most frequently used for birds, they are also referred to as birdhouse or bird boxes. Some mammal species also use nesting boxes, these are referred to as wildlife boxes. A nest or wildlife box provides a safe space for small animals to shelter and nest. These structures are made of wood, and are created with the intention to encourage the prosperity of wildlife. Agility Trees supplies and installs nesting boxes for Australian birds on many properties in New South Wales. Agility Trees also supplies and installs nesting boxes for wildlife.

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What is the importance of a nesting box?

Nesting and wildlife boxes are very important to many species. Nesting is especially important in the springtime months. Springtime is an important time for breeding many species of Australian birds. Wildlife boxes help shelter and protect animals that would not otherwise have shelter for their nests. These boxes also help protect nests from predators. Many species hide their nests in grassy meadows or heavy foliage. Due to the threat of predators, common garden birds are unable to nest in these areas. Deploying a nest box will help these species thrive, and encourage longevity. Nesting boxes are also important to small mammals such as possums. At Agility Trees we offer specialised possum boxes, which are intended for the longevity of this species. If you have any questions regarding possum boxes, or are looking for a possum box for sale, please contact Agility.

Where are boxes installed and how long does it take?

Nesting or wildlife boxes may be installed in gardens, yards, golf courses, wineries, and cultivated fields. Agility Trees advises that any outdoor area with exposure to harmful pesticides or herbicides is not considered ideal for nesting boxes. Installation does not take long, but feel free to contact us for a complimentary quote. Travel time may come at an additional cost. Installation cost can range from $40 to $120, or more. For more information on any bird nesting boxes plans, or wildlife boxes please contact Agility.

In addition to our expert arborist services, Agility Trees is an Australian nest box company that offers quality nest boxes at a reasonable cost. We value the longevity of the unique wildlife in Australia, specifically in New South Wales and the Hunter Region. For more information on wildlife boxes supply and installation, contact us. We are able to provide advice over the phone and can provide a complimentary quote as to what this service will cost.

What kind of experience does Agility Trees have in the Newcastle and Lake Macquarie Area?

We have been servicing the Newcastle and Lake Macquarie region since 2007 providing tree pruning, tree removal, wood chipping and stump grinding services and more without involving subcontractors or additional companies.

What kind of insurance does Agility Trees have?

Agility Professional Tree Service holds all necessary insurances including:

- Public and Products Liability Insurance for $20 million.
- Full Fleet and Plant Insurance.
- QBE Comprehensive Insurance.
- Workers Compensation Insurance

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From humble beginnings Agility has grown into a professional team of nine members. Our tree specialists use modern equipment and offer prompt service, expert advice and a comprehensive quality tree pruning, tree lopping, tree removal and stump grinding service, all at a competitive price.



Agility Professional Tree Service holds all necessary insurances including:

  • Public and Products Liability Insurance for $20 million.
  • Full Fleet and Plant Insurance.
  • QBE Comprehensive Insurance.
  • Workers Compensation Insurance.


The safety of you, your property and our team is important to us. Our qualified arborists work to all relevant Australian standards and their extensive knowledge of Work, Health and Safety legislation ensures your safety and that of the community. We have our WH&S systems externaly audited twice a year to ensure our managment systems are up to date and complient.

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