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Hazardous Tree Removal and Maintenance in Newcastle, the Hunter Valley and Lake Macquarie

At Agility Trees, we place importance on the removal of hazardous trees as a means to avoid long-term problems. Some hazardous trees can pose a danger to falling on people, or failing in structure. For these reasons it is good to consult with your arborist regarding the removal of a potentially hazardous tree. Our expert arborists can help you determine if you have a hazardous tree and will provide a solution to handle any risks or danger that may be involved.

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What is Hazardous Tree?

A tree that is potentially hazardous may experience the following symptoms: movement in the root, movement in the structure, cracking around the base of the tree, soil built up around the base of the tree, excessive sap, infestation, fungus, fungus at base of the tree, bracket fungus, or dead wood. These are visible symptoms but may go unnoticed by the average person. If you suspect there could be something wrong with a tree or multiple trees on your property, book one of our expert arborists for a consultation today.

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What could happen if a hazardous tree goes unnoticed?

If a hazardous tree goes unnoticed, it may spread its hazard to other trees or plants in the surrounding area. It is also possible that it will not hold up well in case of a storm. Many hazardous trees risk the potential of falling from their base, wood decay, or failure due to bracket fungus. The consequences can be severe. It is important to consult with your arborist regarding any potentially hazardous trees.

What is Agility’s process for dealing with hazardous trees?

At Agility, we will do a site and risk assessment prior to removing a hazardous tree. Our professionals will determine how and what are the best approaches for tree removal. This can occur on a case by case basis and often depends on the particular tree. We will also asses the area to see if mechanical assistance, such as use of a crane, could be required for removal.

Can a property owner be liable for hazardous trees?

A property owner may or may not be aware that a hazardous tree is on the premises. For this reason, they cannot be made liable for a hazardous tree. If you are not a tree professional, you are not expected to know. Please contact us today to have a qualified arborist come and inspect.

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The safety of you, your property and our team is important to us. Our qualified arborists work to all relevant Australian standards and their extensive knowledge of Work, Health and Safety legislation ensures your safety and that of the community. We have our WH&S systems externaly audited twice a year to ensure our managment systems are up to date and complient.

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