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Tree Pruning & Dead Wooding Services in Newcastle & the Hunter Valley

Another service we offer at Agility Trees is tree pruning and dead wooding. These services are useful to clients who have trees that need some cleaning up rather than a full removal. Pruning a tree is defined as removing specific branches or stems to benefit the whole tree. Dead wooding is a process used to remove dead, damaged, or diseased branches to benefit the tree and prevent decay organisms from entering the tree.

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It’s Time to Prune Your Trees

Some trees will start to encroach onto buildings or homes. These trees may have weird or funny looking limbs. In some cases, a tree may be blocking a lot of light where there is a solar power source. There are many reasons for trees to be pruned. Your arborist will be able to inform you if you need to prune your trees.

Trees require pruning for the benefit of the tree. It important to the tree’s health to have pruning and regular maintenance done. Mature trees may not require as much work or maintenance as younger trees. For example, a mature tree that has had crown work done may not need to be pruned again for another 5 years. Whereas smaller shrubs may need to be pruned or maintained annually.

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When is the best time of year to prune?

Pruning is more often suited to the winter months in Australia. There are many reasons for this including less sap flow, and it is of more long-term benefit to the trees. The best time of the year to prune is in winter, as the growing period is in the summer months. Heat stress is another concern for trees in the summer. Another concern with the summer months is the exposure of pathogens to trees.

How will my trees be pruned? What branches are cut?

At Agility Trees, we advise you to steer clear of any company that just takes tops off the trees. We recommend that less is best when it comes to tree pruning. How the tree will be pruned often comes down to the type or species of a tree or shrub. The tree’s location is also a factor. Our professionals will do an assessment of the work that needs to be done. We take into consideration the long term health of the tree. We want to avoid untimely tree death as much as possible.

What equipment does Agility Trees use for tree pruning?

Our equipment is very similar to tree removal equipment. We use access techniques. When it comes to pruning, our professionals at Agility do not use spikes. We want to avoid any excess damage, as we do not want any of our trees to be exposed to any harmful pathogens.

What is tree topping?

Tree topping is a service that we at Agility Trees do NOT do. This is a pruning style service that involves pruning from the top. There are a lot of reasons why tree topping is a bad idea. It is harmful for the tree, exposes the tree to unwanted pathogens, and exposes the tree to heat stress. In some cases, trees that have had the top removed will have regrowth patterns that are abnormal. Tree topping is against Australian standards, and we advise you not to hire a company who does this procedure.

How much does tree pruning cost?

There are lots of factors that we take Into consideration when quoting the cost of tree pruning. Some of these factors include: length of pruning time needed, type of tree, type of canopy, and accessibility. In some cases, dead wooding is a more simple procedure and can be more cost effective than tree pruning. For more information regarding pricing, or to get a full quote - please contact one of our friendly professionals at Agility Trees.

When can I prune my own trees?

Agility Trees recommends that you hire a professional arborist for your tree pruning needs. While you are able to prune your own trees, our experts recommend that you do not prune large trees by stepping on a ladder. This is hazardous. If you are going to prune your own trees we recommend only small trees or shrubs within arms reach.

What is dead wooding?

Dead wooding is the process of removing what limbs are dead from the tree. All trees have dead wood in them, but some are excessive. In some cases if the tree is located in a high risk environment, or a school, they may require the removal of dead wood as a safety hazard. It is in the best interest and benefit of the tree to remove dead wood. There are many benefits to the tree, as well as for aesthetic reasons.

What are some reasons for dead wooding to be done?

Usually if a tree has large lower limbs, these may contain dead wood. Some limbs inside the tree's canopy may also contain dead wood. When a branch or limb is dead, the tree no longer requires that unit for photosynthesis. The tree will shut off access to these pieces, so it is in the best interest of the tree to remove them. This is a natural process to occur.

Am I liable for dangerous branches on my property?

This is considered to be a grey area. The average person is not expected to know when a branch is dead or becomes dangerous/hazardous. In some cases, if one has been made aware, then yes they are liable to remove a hazardous branch.

Do I need council approval for dead wooding?

No, you are entitled to remove dead branches as a potentially hazardous material.

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