Mulching & Wood Chipping

We Provide Mulching & Wood Chipping Services in Newcastle, the Hunter Valley and Lake Macquarie

At Agility Trees, we are pleased to offer mulching and wood chipping as part of our services. We are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding mulching or wood chipping.

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What is Mulch Used For?

Mulch, or wood chips are a material that can be laid over the surface of soil as a covering. Mulch is used to retain the moisture in the soil. At Agility Trees, we create mulch from some of our tree removal services such as stump grinding, and wood chipping. Mulch can be used in garden beds, used for control to prevent runoff, used to suppress weeds, and more. According to UPA laws, some mulch may need to be used for compost if it has come from a tree containing pathogens or fungus.

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What is the benefit of mulch?

Mulch is of great benefit to Gardeners and Landscapers. It is an essential component of low maintenance landscapes, has decorative value, and can offer many benefits to soil and plants. It can reduce the amount of water lost through evaporation by shielding the soil from the drying ray's of the sun.

What is mulching?

Mulching, or Wood Chipping is usually created by stump grinding or other arborist procedures. At Agility Trees, we have a wood chipping machine, where we can make mulch. Mulching is usually organic by nature, and can improve the long term productivity of soil.

What is Agility’s mulching process?

At Agility Trees, we have a professional mulching process. Mulching or wood chipping can be created in many ways. One of the ways we offer to our clients is by using a 4 ½ ton wood chipper. All of our wood chippers are similar, and are effective to getting the job done correctly. Mulch can also be created by our stump grinder.

How much does mulching cost?

Mulching can be done with tree removal or as a separate job. At Agility trees, we prefer to get the whole job done. This means that if you have a tree you want removed, we will be able to create mulch or wood chips for you out of the tree or remaining stump. Most often our clients want the debris removed after a tree removal job. Cost is depending on accessibility, size of the tree, and amount of mulch desired. For more information on cost, please contact us for a quote.

Does Agility offer different types of mulching?

Mulching can vary depending on tree species. Sizes of mulch may also vary. At Agility we advise our clients to the suitability of mulch for their particular needs. We encourage our clients to use mulch, and even give it away to encourage people to reuse it!

Is wood chipping different than mulching?

No! Wood chipping is the same thing as mulching, just different terms. For more questions or concerns regarding wood chipping or mulching, please contact one of our friendly professionals at Agility Trees!

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