At Agility Trees, we offer emergency tree services for any unexpected situations that may arise

Our tree experts are here to give clients assistance when they need it the most.  We are able to answer any questions you may have regarding tree emergencies and emergency tree removal. Some of these questions may include the following…

What constitutes a tree emergency?

A tree emergency is any situation where something fails in the tree or its structure. This can include: a tree leaning on another tree/building, a tree that has snapped in half, and branches or limbs hanging precariously over. In most cases, a true tree emergency is very obvious. Many tree emergencies can be weather related. If you have witnessed a tree emergency as part of a storm, we ask that you wait until after the storm has passed to contact Agility Trees.

If a tree falls on a house, what things should be done right away before emergency crews arrive?

This is the case of a true tree emergency. We ask that you move away from where the tree is, and avoid getting too close to hanging branches. In some cases, you may even need leave the property. When you call for a tree emergency, our tree experts recommend that you steer clear of incident site. For your health and safety it is best to wait for professional help.

If you have noticed a tree emergency in your area, please contact Agility Trees right away for assistance. For any further questions or concerns regarding tree emergencies, please speak with one of our qualified arborists.

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