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At Agility Trees, we offer Root Barrier Installation as a means to control invasive roots. A root barrier system, or a tree root guard, redirects tree roots so that they are not damaging a nearby structure or surface. If you find yourself asking do root barriers work? You have found the right page! For those looking for more information on root barriers and chemical root barriers, please read on. For any further information on these services, or to request a quote please contact Agility Trees directly.

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What is a root barrier system?

Root barrier systems are patented physical guides that redirect tree roots down and away from structures. Tree root barriers also prevent costly root damage, while preserving the health and beauty of mature trees. A root barrier system is a commonly used system meant to contain the spread of roots into undesirable areas such as construction areas, buildings, pools, and astro turf. This system involves digging a narrow depth and installing a wall underneath the surface. Root barrier material is often made polyurethane. Agility Trees proudly offers root barrier system installation as part of our consulting arborist services.

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How deep does a root barrier need to be?

For most root barrier installations, there needs to be a depth of 30 inches minimum. Tree root barrier depth is a very important to the installation process. All root barriers must extend above the surface of the soil. This is to prevent any roots from growing out over the top.

How do you stop tree roots from growing?

Invasive tree roots are a common problem. Invasive tree roots can be hazardous in some situations, and cannot always be fixed by tree removal. Trees are living organisms and for this reason we are unable to stop roots from growing. Your arborist can put systems in place to restrict the growth or redirect the growth of the roots away from any assets. Root barrier products are the simplest solution to this problem.

What is the benefit of a root barrier system?

Installing a root barrier will protect a tree’s foundation, and prevent invasive roots from spreading. Root barriers are installed by digging a trench that is deeper than the existing root system. A membrane is used to block the area between the foundation and hazardous tree roots. Overgrown tree roots can be very hazardous, especially for residential clients. We at Agility strongly recommend installing a root barrier system for any overgrown or invasive roots.

Who requires a root barrier system?

A root barrier is a physical underground wall placed purposely so that structures and trees can cohabit together. Often root barrier systems are installed in residential homes to redirect the growth of invasive roots. Root barrier systems can also be required by commercial clients if the trees roots pose danger to the structures surrounding it.

What is Agility’s process for installing root barrier system?

The best time to install a root barrier is before trees are planted. This may not always be possible, in which case a qualified arborist will be able to install such a system. Root barriers can be used for anything from small plants in a garden, to large trees with invasive roots. At Agility, our process involves digging a narrow trench and sliding panels into that trench. These panels are usually made of polyurethane. Once the panels have been installed, the trench will be filled back up with dirt and compact to level. Tree and plant roots are not often stunned by root barriers, which makes them safe to use. With a root barrier system in place, tree are forced to grow down instead of out.

For any questions regarding root barrier installations, root barrier installation cost, or for a free quote - give us a call. At Agility Trees, our arborists are educated and qualified to service all root barrier installation needs. Visit the contact portion of this website to get in touch today!

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