Winter is Coming

Prepare your Garden for Winter

Keep it healthy during the cold season

  • Prune back heavy lateral limbs off large trees as pre-emptive maintenance for the windy season
  • Cut back any perennial plants, the clippings of these can be composted.
  • Pruning with no leaves on the trees makes it easier to see the tree’s structure. Pruning while trees are dormant, in a sleep-like state, means trees suffer less shock from pruning.
  • Prune back dead or diseased tree/shrub branches. These should be kept separate and discarded in the green bin so as not to contaminate your compost.
  • Remove dead trees/plants and clear out leaf litter to remove the food source for pests and fungi.
  •  Mulch your garden to protect and insulate tree roots from frosts and the cold, it also slows water loss from soil.
  •  Now is a great time to move / transplant trees whilst in their dormant state.
  • Keep trees, especially newly planted ones, well-watered through Autumn and Winter, especially if your region is in the midst of a prolonged drought.
  • Aerate your soil, especially lawns and feed/fertilise them. Autumn has been a very mild this year, so it is not too late to do this.
  • Inspect your trees every year. Promptly treat any damage that you find.


Pruning without the proper knowledge and training can not only lead to accidents but do long-term damage to a tree, causing it to decline or die.

Certified arborists are trained not only in safety but in tree care. They know that different kinds of trees need different kinds of pruning. Professionals know how to prune a branch so the tree can seal the wound, and how to balance the pruning so the tree’s weight remains well distributed.

For any help with these tree services please call Agility Professional Tree Service on 024058 3149

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